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Breaking News Headlines
Breaking News Headlines

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Normal Human
Only one comment today…'Trump blames many sides'  How about starting with the MSM for fanning the fires of hatred and one sided (left) positive media coverage? Then George Soros paying for rioters.  Then our crazy DNC like Lynch and Pelosi and Maxine Waters touting revolutionary rhetoric.  Next left wing violent organizations.  Next our insane communist college professors filling children's heads with infantile thinking.  Then blame officials for cowtowing to social pressure and taking away historical landmarks rather than defend them. Next, blame the rightwing social gangs who fell for this obvious ploy to incite them to violence and then for doing the violence… Read more »
Hi Stace and friends all around the world! Greetings from yours truly in the Netherlands. Thanks all for your thumbs up and the occasional comment.It is much appreciated! I was just watching the following documentary, so will include the link for those that would like to see it as well.It's always informative to see just why some battles are being fought historically and countries are being raped and pillaged! All the best to you all in these unjust and turbulent times and if you are a praying person and you think God is happening to be listening to you, say… Read more »