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#233 5-8-19 Pelosi Threatens To Fill Jails With Political Prisoners

00:00 Steve Sailer’s blog
07:00 Kyle’s worldview
14:00 What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right
24:00 KMG arrives
26:00 Pelosi Threatens To Fill Jails With Political Prisoners
33:00 Congress Cites Barr For Contempt, Trump Claims Executive Privilege, McConnell Says, “Face It, Mueller Was A Bust”
37:00 Guatemala & Honduras Becoming 51st & 52nd States [includes Guantanamo story]
40:00 It’s Archie!
55:00 Silicon Valley Loves Pete Buttigieg. Quelle Surprise
1:04:00 Shocking Islamophobic Response To Philly Jihad School
1:27:00 Feds now investigating 850 possible domestic terrorists across US
1:31:00 The War Against House Keys
1:35:00 If Trump continues to ignore the forces that elected him, he will unleash great cynicism
1:53:00 Trump – billion dollar loser?
1:56:00 Ocasio-Cortez blown away by first experience with a garbage disposal
2:00:00 China backtracked on almost all aspects of U.S. trade deal
2:02:00 Liquid Death sells water to tech bros who are too cool for alcohol
2:06:00 Increasing calls for Brian Sims to ‘immediately resign’ for harassing pro-lifers
2:10:00 10 killed in suicide bombing outside sacred shrine in Pakistan
2:17:00 Fear-based apps have us fretting about crime even as it declines
2:20:00 Arizona measure denouncing porn as public health crisis passes state Senate
2:24:00 Feds released 168,000 illegal immigrant family members into communities
2:41:00 Pressure builds for FTC to punish Zuckerberg

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right

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Norman Bates
Norman Bates

I eat (female) arse!

Mephistopheles Ghost
Mephistopheles Ghost

Glad to see Kyle return to whip us naughty goyim into submission. When Kyle whips you, the only acceptable reply is "Thank you sir! May I have another?"

Vox Daze
Vox Daze

4:52 Kyle attempts to critique "core Alt-Right positions." First, Kyle says that IQ is the real source of social conflict and that race is the means by which the conflict is falsely defined. After that, he goes into some hypothetical story about a laptop and claims of ownership. Then, talks about ambiguity of property ownership and political authority. I was waiting for Kyle to tie this back to the "core Alt-Right positions" but he ended it there. Is this Kyle's kill shot he had all day to prepare? I am left with my mouth agape in the splendor of it… Read more »

Letonqua Jackson
Letonqua Jackson

That old guy is actually Hans from "My Own Private Idaho". He sells pieces for cars.

The cute Harry Potter boy keeps wiggling becuase he's getting blown by someone while he's talking.

Iron Legion
Iron Legion

You're supposed to pretend you don't notice the correlations..