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[3.6] SUNDERMAN BUILD (Insane Clearspeed + Super EZ + Endgame) (Gladiator)

This is showcase and guide video for Sunderman build(Duelist/Gladiator). Don’t forget to check the build guide page here too:

1) Build Showcase:
Elder Mapping: 00:13
Delve: 01:40
Uber Lab: 03:07
Red Elder: 03:25
2) Intro: 06:32
3) Build Mechanics:
Intro to build mechanics: 07:07
Passive tree: 08:12
Itemization(meta gear for the build): 09:21
Skill Gems: 14:17
Jewels: 17:09
4) Running The Build:
Macro: 17:21 (**)
How to run the build(with videos): 18:22
How to do bosses(with videos): 20:15
5) Levelling:
Info about levelling the build: 23:07
Required(cheaper) gear to run the build: 23:54
Test run with required(cheaper) gear: 24:43
Levelling items: 25:59
6) Last Words: 27:51

(**) Use it at your own risk because GGG bans popsickle trick. Can ban this too. Instead, you can use buttons WER(345) instead of W macro, so you just press 2 more buttons and don’t lose much time pressing them. For Blood Rage you can put it to T button since you activate and forget it. It’s 345 buttons which are far on this build and that’s the reason we’re trying to get em down below for faster use.

Download W Macro:

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1 year ago

Wow finally a great build!

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