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32 Seconds: A Deadly Night in Rome (Full Documentary)

The ABC7 Originals documentary, “32 Seconds: A Deadly Night in Rome,” reveals new information about the July 2019 killing of Italian Carabinieri Deputy Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega during an altercation with two college students from Northern California, 20-year-old Finnegan Elder of San Francisco and 19-year-old Gabriel Natale of Mill Valley.

The two face aggravated murder and attempted extortion charges, in a trial set to begin Feb. 26.

“32 Seconds” is the product of seven months of research by ABC7’s award-winning investigative journalist. The documentary features exclusive interviews with the parents of Elder and Natale, uncovers new details about what led to the police officer’s death, and raises serious questions about how Italian authorities have handled the case: was it a brutal murder, or self-defense?


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Andrew X
Andrew X
3 months ago

In high school, Finn sucker punched a boy in a fight and put him a coma for a week. Definitely an indication that the boy is prone to violent anti-social behavior. Then he lost half a finger in a weird accident. Why that prevented him from playing sports I don't understand. ? Then he goes to Tam High, a school flush with drugs.

3 months ago

There is absolutely no excuse for stabbing an Officer of the Law, and to carry and use a knife like that deserves the full force of the Italian justice system.

Game ON Case
Game ON Case
3 months ago

Those kids should be locked up for life , their defense is laughable, they are a threat to society, RIP to the police officer

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