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3ABN Today Live – “3ABN Kids Camp Report"

Join Greg and Jill Morikone along with hosts from our 3ABN Kids Camp productions and see some special sneak peeks!
Francine Bergmann, 3ABN Kids Network General Manager
Jason Bradley, 3ABN Kids Wall Of Mystery Host
Tim Parton, 3ABN Kids Sing Along Host
Linda Johnson, 3ABN Kids Bible Gems Host
Pastor Aron Crews, 3ABN Kids Bible Gems Co-Host
Pastor Christian Martin & Elijah Martin, 3ABN Kids Bible Buzz Host 
Ademar Neto, 3ABN Kids Bible Buzz Co-Host 
Cinda Sanner, 3ABN Kids Kitchen Fun Host
Ryan Hayes, 3ABN Kids Creation Crafts Host
Suzi Hayes, 3ABN Kids Creation Crafts Host
Grandma Tena Baehm, 3ABN Kids Referee
Tiara Walker, 3ABN Kids Referee
Jewlee Meadows, 3ABN Kids Referee
Jeremy Hall, Donna Hall, Maia Hall, Olivia Hall, Sofia Hall, Josiah Hall, 
JoDee Shoffner Del Jeanne Mathews, Elizabeth Mathews, Eva Mathews

NOTE: We are breaking records to air 3ABN Kids Camp programs soon, and we hope to have them airing by the end of August 2019.


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