7 Causes Why The CAGED System Sucks

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WARNING: The CAGED system is crippling your guitar enjoying progress. By studying the scales with this method you’re prone to develop these issues in your guitar enjoying:

Downside #1: Your Guitar Velocity Is Going To Undergo Tremendously

Being a quick guitar participant is tough for lots of guitarists due to many causes. So the CAGED system is not essentially the one explanation why your guitar velocity is struggling. Nonetheless, if you’re utilizing the CAGED system and also you’re additionally struggling to play guitar as quick as you need, this is why:

With the CAGED system, you’re studying scale patterns that include each 2 note-per-string and three note-per-string fragments. This may trigger three issues that interconnect to kill your guitar velocity:

A. Since you must be taught a model NEW selecting sample for every CAGED scale, it takes you longer to memorize. Your velocity is being restricted mentally.

B. The awkward scale shapes within the CAGED system make your selecting hand’s job a LOT tougher so enjoying quick is out of the query. Your velocity is being restricted bodily.

C. Since you’re limiting your self due to the opposite 2 causes, correct right-hand selecting method shall be unattainable for you. Now your guitar velocity has been restricted in one more approach.

As a substitute it is best to begin utilizing three note-per-string scale patterns that use three notes on EVERY string. This solves all three of the above issues as a result of 1) you now solely need to be taught one selecting sample to play each main and minor scale and a couple of) three note-per-string patterns enable you implement directional selecting method so you possibly can enhance your guitar velocity exponentially.

Downside #2: You Will Wrestle To Simply Improvise Guitar Solos Utilizing The Complete Fretboard

One of many greatest issues that I see develop in my new guitar college students that use the CAGED system is the flexibility to solo everywhere in the neck of the guitar, fluently. This drawback could be very onerous to appropriate in CAGED system customers as a result of the CAGED system is much from a whole system of scales. In reality, it is not even full for simply the main scales. CAGED teaches the most important scales primarily based on FIVE totally different scale patterns which might be primarily based on chord shapes. The issue right here is that every main scale is definitely made up of SEVEN totally different interconnected shapes. You may see how this might be problematic. By leaving out these 2 shapes, CAGED leaves you with solely 71% of the accessible scale shapes to play in any given main key. Does that sound ‘full’ to you? Did not assume so.

What makes it even worse is that the 5 shapes that CAGED really does use make it unattainable so that you can simply convert these scales from main to pure minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor or modal keys. If you wish to be taught these scales you’re pressured to desert CAGED utterly and memorize utterly new patterns which might be completely totally different from the CAGED field patterns.

Distinction these limitation of CAGED with the three note-per-string system of enjoying scales that I discussed above. This technique makes it extremely straightforward to see which notes of the most important scale are being adjusted or omitted to create the opposite scales. Utilizing this method, your complete mastery of how scales musically work turns into a lot simpler to attain.

Downside #three: Your Guitar Solos Will Bore Individuals To Demise

If you wish to play nice guitar solos, do not use the CAGED system. Let me clarify. Guitar gamers who solo utilizing the CAGED system sometimes play in a single field at a time and the result’s extraordinarily boring (worse but, the transitions between the containers are painfully apparent). The issue right here is that, through the use of the CAGED system, you’re limiting your view of the fretboard. As a substitute of simply in several vertical containers (from the sixth string to the first string), you want to additionally be taught to view it as one steady horizontal from the first fret to the final fret.

Viewing the fretboard within the containers is the rationale that guitarists fail to play superior solos utilizing the CAGED system as a result of:

  1. The CAGED scale shapes are restricted to five patterns that make it unattainable to completely map out the fretboard horizontally from the nut to the very best fret.
  2. With out the 5 shapes of CAGED the consumer is misplaced and may’t visualize the scales on the fretboard anymore.

Utilizing the three note-per-string system will make enjoying inventive guitar solos a lot simpler. Implementing this method is likely one of the causes that so lots of the college students that take guitar classes with me have develop into MUCH higher guitar gamers so quick.

Downside #four: Your Use Of Arpeggios Will Undergo, Regardless Of Your Musical Style

It does not matter in case you play rock, steel, or blues – your means to play arpeggios is likely one of the keys to studying to play seamless and inventive guitar solos. Why is that this? As a result of arpeggios are merely chords which might be performed one word at a time. So the velocity at which you play them (or the tone you play them with) does not matter. Arpeggios are utilized in EVERY model of music as a result of CHORDS are utilized in each model. You want to have the ability to perceive how these arpeggios match into the dimensions positions you employ for soloing and be capable to VISUALIZE this. This may show you how to discover one of the best notes to play over every chord (extra on this under). This is applicable equally to all types of music.

The CAGED system will NOT show you how to obtain both of those targets as a result of it bases itself across the main open chords that transfer up and down the fretboard. Whereas this may increasingly work for enjoying open chords, non-open chord arpeggios develop into practically unattainable to play beneath this method. The ensuing main chord arpeggios that occur within the CAGED system are awkward to play at excessive speeds. You’ll discover this particularly after you be taught the usual arpeggio shapes for sweep selecting.

Even worse, in case you work with a guitar instructor with expertise you will not be capable to use the shapes he/she teaches you throughout the CAGED system. These shapes will not work throughout the CAGED system as a result of the notes in arpeggios comply with the logic of how the scales WORK in music. They aren’t meant to suit into the random 5 chord shapes of CAGED. This creates a disconnect between your means to visualise the fretboard and can thus restrict your means to creatively use your musical abilities.

This causes CAGED customers to assume that music idea is ineffective or obscure when really the issue does not lie with music idea.

Downside #5: You Guitar Solos Will Be Impassive – And I Can Show It

In case you use the CAGED system, you won’t be able to do an important issues that give your guitar solos emotion:

1. Perceive your emotional choices on the guitar when you’re enjoying guitar solos over chord progressions.

2. Study to make the most of all of those choices when you’re soloing over every chord and apply them to you guitar solos.

Because the CAGED system solely focuses on visualizing the most important chords and it utterly ignores different chord varieties (minor, diminished, seventh, and so on.), it is vitally onerous to focus on the notes of these sorts of chords while you’re enjoying a guitar solo. This ends in you haphazardly enjoying notes in a CAGED scale form and simply hoping your solo is emotional. This clearly makes writing emotional guitar solos virtually unattainable.

Downside #6: Your General Songwriting Capacity Will Plummet

One other large drawback with CAGED system customers is the shortcoming to make use of chords in a inventive strategy to write songs. This primarily stems from the truth that the 5 main chords that make up the CAGED system (C main A serious G main E main D main) are taught as if they’re musically related in ANY approach when in actuality none of those chords even belong collectively in any normal main or minor key. You should use these 5 chords in your individual music after all, however not understanding learn how to use them collectively to make GOOD songs implies that your songwriting means will tremendously lower.

Downside #7: You Will Not Be In a position To Successfully Talk With Different Musicians

The CAGED system is promoted for guitar gamers solely. Due to this fact, if you’re a CAGED consumer and you propose on interacting with different musicians to put in writing songs or kind a band, I strongly counsel you ditch CAGED altogether since you won’t be able to speak with anybody who does not play guitar and they’ll have a extremely onerous time speaking with you too.

Despite the fact that I’ve completely defined the entire causes that the CAGED system sucks to the scholars that research guitar with me, there are all the time just a few that attempt to defend the CAGED system:

Professional-CAGED Argument #1: “It might‘t damage to know the CAGED system as a result of all techniques of studying scales are equally legitimate. The extra techniques you already know for enjoying scales, the higher guitar participant you may be.

My response: It isn’t value your time to be taught the CAGED system. Simply since you can be taught one thing, does NOT imply that it is best to. If you wish to develop into an amazing guitar participant quick you want to be taught to make use of your apply time in a really efficient approach and never do any pointless work. The restrictions of CAGED are apparent. Until you actually do not have a greater strategy to spend your time, you need to be specializing in reaching your musical targets in probably the most environment friendly approach doable.

Professional-CAGED Argument #2: “I can simply modify the CAGED system in order that I regulate for all of its limitations. So it’s high-quality to be taught it, if it‘s accurately taught.

My reply: Oh positive, you are able to do something you need in case you make sufficient modifications, similar to with sufficient time, power and frustration you can flip a Volkswagen Beetle automotive right into a Mercedes Benz S Class sedan:) Adjusting for the quite a few restrictions of CAGED wastes an infinite period of time you can have spent changing into a greater guitar participant by studying a much more efficient and environment friendly system for enjoying scales within the first place.

Professional-CAGED Argument #three: “___________ (fill within the clean with any guitar participant‘s title) makes use of the CAGED system on a regular basis and he/she performs nice! So the system can‘t be all that dangerous if he/she makes use of it.

My response: To begin with, if you cannot show that he/she really does use the CAGED system then I might counsel that you simply cease believing the whole lot you learn. As a substitute, begin being extra skeptical of recommendation given by folks that have not confirmed themselves to be a talented guitar instructor. Secondly, even in case you may develop into an amazing guitar participant utilizing the CAGED system, that does not make CAGED one of the simplest ways to get there. So make a alternative: Select the quickest, best and most confirmed methodology for studying scales on guitar or wrestle to attain musical greatness in opposition to a damaged system.

Understanding how the CAGED system holds you again from being an amazing guitarist is simply step one. Let me present you the way straightforward it CAN be to succeed in your musical targets and develop into the guitarist that you’ve got all the time wished to be. Ensure you try these on-line guitar classes and inform me extra about your guitar enjoying targets.

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