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A Love Letter to Nancy Pelosi and all the old folks occupying our spaces

500,000 children in a broken foster care system, 500,000 homeless Americans, 6 trillion dollars on 2 failed wars in the Middle East, 800 billion in medical debt, and 1 trillion in student debt. That is the legacy of Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnel, Rick Perry, Joe Biden and the Clintons. That is the legacy of all the fossils in government that act as placeholders, while the Amazon, the lungs of the Earth, are on fire. Don’t try to blame everything on Donald Trump. He hasn’t even been in government for 4 years. It took decades for this country to get into this deep Sh**t, and it was Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnel, and all the other people that look like they are on death’s door step that were in power for decades. Shame on them. The time has come for the AOCs, Ilhan Omars, Rashida Tlaib’s to sweep away the old, and take power. We need youthful optimism and passion if we are to save this country from the old. 

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