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A tool to identify common background presence in PAR-CLIP datasets | SciPyLA 2019 | Carlos Sierra

BackCLIP: a tool to identify common background presence in PAR-CLIP datasets

PAR-CLIP, a CLIP-seq protocol, derives a transcriptome wide set of binding sites for RNA-binding proteins. Even though the protocol uses stringent washing to remove experimental noise, some of it remains. A recent study measured three sets of non-specific RNA backgrounds which are present in several PAR-CLIP datasets. However, a tool to identify the presence of common background in PAR-CLIP datasets is not yet available. In this talk I will introduce a tool that uses this score to identify the amount of common backgrounds present in a PAR-CLIP dataset, and we provide the user the option to use or remove it. My team used the proposed strategy in 30 PAR-CLIP datasets from nine proteins. It is possible to identify the presence of common backgrounds in a dataset and identify differences in datasets for the same protein. This method is the first step in the process of completely removing such backgrounds.



Sobre SciPy Latam 2019
7ª Conferencia Latinoamericana de Python Científico. Octubre 8 al 10 de 2019.
Bogotá, Colombia. Universidad de Los Andes.

Comparte experiencias sobre el uso de Python científico tanto académica como profesionalmente.

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