Aaron David Miller One-on-One on Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Resolution. #Breaking #DonaldTrump

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Turbo Jones

Look what Trump is making them do😂


When Israel passed the Jersualem Law in 1980 which states that Jersualem is the capital of Israel, the United Nations condemned it. 14 voted for the condemnation and of course the U.S. abstained. Congress can pass any law it wants, just like Russia and China can, but if it goes against international law, what's the fucking point of having the U.N. at all?

Let's say Russia passes a law to acknowledge East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, then do they have a right to publicly announce it tomorrow? Let's not have double standards.

Merrilou Neigenfind

Trump and all his supporters are fundamentally bad people.

Norman Stehr

Trump's achievment! Let's see when North Korea has enough of Trump's insanity and launches the first nuclear weapons … The middle east conflict as well as north korea with its despot Kim Jong Un are in a different league and Trump simply does not have the capacity to grasp the danger and the world as it is.