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Abandoned secret underground military bunker of the USSR. Russia. Part 1. Urban Exploration.

Secure communication node “C” type A (Or: “4-in-1”, “Solnce” (the Sun)!!!
System “C” is designed to link the General Staff of the USSR with certain critical points through the satellite constellation. Each communications center has separate hardware solutions designed to function both in peacetime and in wartime. The system is also designed to transfer local combat control commands via radio-relay communication.
System “C” has two independent receiver-transmitter channels for satellite communications, but the antenna systems are retractable and are located in shaft structures remotely resembling the Russian Strategic Missile Forces shafts. (Four shafts built directly into the scope of the structure). The local communication channel is implemented by cable networks and through radio-relay communication made on the basis of a separately constructed fifth shaft. (Where is also located the retractable antenna).
There are two types of “C” nodes layout. Type “A” has three stories and does not have a separate shaft for radio relay communication. It uses only cable channels to communicate with nearby command elements.
Type “B” is equipped with a separate (fifth) shaft for the antenna of radio-relay communication and has two floors, with a separate unit of refrigerating machines.
Autonomous power supply for communication centers performed with two diesel engines (main and spare). May stay autonomous for about a month.
The system has never been commissioned.
The ground segment of the system was unfinished and abandoned at different levels of readiness, and the space segment was not put into orbit.
Automated secure communication node with retractable antennas for communication with satellite constellation. A three-story building built in a backfilled trench. Highly automated combat duty with a minimum shift. There is a barrack of a security company, CP, transformer booth and remains of Unattended Control Station. Beyond the territory are the remains of the construction company barracks.
The upper floor is designed for the equipment of receivers and transmitters, and for the administrative premises. Lower floor – life support systems (air preparation, diesel, compressors, transformers, etc.) and refrigerating machines. Transceiver system has two channels. Channel antennas (one shaft for reception and one shaft for transmission) are grouped in pairs.

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