ABC News Anchor Kendis Gibson disrespects & insults Talented GLOBAL SUPERSTAR GROUP BTS

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I have the video tagged as my pinned tweet on my new twitter page Twitter.com/YupImShy. I had to because when I had it posted on my old twitter, Kendis, ABC, and Twitter had my tweet deleted claiming I was being threatening which we saw and know wasn’t close to the truth. My letter on twitter to Kendis for his comments was also in it and it is all now gone. They locked my page for 6 and a half days and when I was finally able to dm and tweet it was gone. I have screenshot and email proof they tried to silence me. But little did they know I already posted it here. There are other platforms also that need to have this video shared. So if you’re on fb and reddit post this link there also and share away! We need all army to help bring this attention. They want us silent but we cant give up.

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I was watching World News Now late at night like I normally do and saw this uneducated news reporter say THIS. The comments are not only racist, prejudice, sexist and demeaning, but down right xenophobic. Completely unprofessional and inappropriate. Spread the word as much as you can. Let’s happily educate people like this and teach them the power of love, acceptance, inclusion, and BTS’s army. Don’t be hateful like him. Educate and show you’re better than that. If you see racist comments to blacks on here and any race at all report it to me and I will take care of it. Show that no matter what others say your words do matter. SPEAK YOURSELVES.

I support BTS! Period. If you don’t like them then leave, you hateful racist comments will be deleted. Even if you are army or another fanbase I will delete any and all nasty racists comments. His hate has no place on tv and your comments wont be tolerated either. If you have to dislike the video, fine but realize you’re disliking MY video not what he said. I simply aimed to expose what I saw that night. Feel free to message me on social media or comment attaching links or any news links you see reporting on this and my video please!

Much love ARMY and to the men of BTS keep shining, being positive, and inspiring others.

Don Ma

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