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Abdo Riani: Unique Strategies To Bootstrap New Business Concepts

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With his first venture, Abdo Riani struggled to convince local businesses to invest in his new recycling program. He needed to show results, but how do you do that before you have a product? So he did it himself, using just his cellphone and a spreadsheet to get his first 500 users, enough to finally get the funding he needed for a scalable product.

Abdo is the founder of Startup Circle where aspiring and rising entrepreneurs can connect with successful founders over daily live Q&A sessions. He helps entrepreneurs accelerate their path to paying customers by showing them how to launch and grow products and services efficiently and with higher predictability by bootstrapping their way forward and quickly proving ideas by doing things that don’t scale.

Get your head out of the sky and pick up your bootstraps as Abdo Riani shows Matt and Joe tools and tactics to do anything at zero-cost, a 3-step process to interview 100+ experts in just 2 months, and getting The Wizard Of Odds Mentality. When you’re done, get more advice about sharing and monetizing your knowledge from our conversations with Liam Austin and Jonathan Levi .

“It makes sense to a baby… how a simpler approach can help you move forward on stronger foundations.” -Abdo Riani

Some Topics We Discussed Include:
The foundational power of bootstrapping your ideas
Methods to connect users without using tech
Why you must first become your product
How to market a virtual summit spending $0
The first step to becoming an influencer
Which experts make the best interviews
The 3-step process to interview 100+ experts in 2 months
The biggest acquisition channel for a summit
How to approach companies to sponsor your summit
The Wizard Of Odds Mentality
Why you first solve problems in unscalable ways
New tools to bootstrap everything (even an entire software product!)

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Startup Circle
Bootstrapping Summit
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