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About Heifer USA

Heifer USA works with small-scale farmers to help them transform their communities. Farms become strong, community-focused businesses that support their families and spark economic growth in rural America. With hands-on learning and access to livestock and horticulture experts, we teach farmers how to grow their sustainable farm enterprise while caring for the Earth.

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Ventures Fan
Ventures Fan
26 days ago

Thank you for your contributions to expand farming know-how. Subscribed and liked to show my support!

Ellen D. Baber
Ellen D. Baber
26 days ago

Frank and I had many wonderful experiences volunteering on Heifer Ranch. We met people from all over the world who came to tour plus people from all over the world who vol. and/or worked for Heifer International.. A piece or our hearts were planted in this wonderful opportunity for which we are grateful.

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