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Ada Derana World News | 08th May 2020

Ada Derana World News | 08th May 2020

#Coronaviruscrisis #Australiareopenning #Gioinvestment #Netherlands #Moscow #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #Tarareade

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Janith kavinda Prathapasinghe
Janith kavinda Prathapasinghe
22 days ago

Ayubowan world Today i am talking about one of bets "Gatha" from Load Buddha. "Arogya parama labhaSanthusti paraman dannVishwasa parama chanthiNibbhanm paraman sukan" "Best 'profit' is healthBest 'wealth' is happiness Best 'friend' is truthBest 'suka' is peace " we are think best profit came from our job or businesses.yes. but its not enough for good life.u have more money in bank,more assets, more connection with society but if u don't have good health/good immunity u don't have best profit in ur life. In ur life best wealthy thing is happiness.every day,every time we looking for happiness.happiness always not stay with… Read more »

Vishwa M Weerarathna
Vishwa M Weerarathna
22 days ago

Srilanka's News Channel 🌎

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