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6 Comments on "Adam Schiff on Tapper’s interview with Gorka and on plans to return compounds to Russia"

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Adam Schiff everything Donald Trump Jr. did was legal and if it was not you and Maxine Waters would be helping the Police handcuff him. What happened when Obama told Putin he would be able to help Russia when he gets re-elected? What happened To Obama the President then, when he signed off on selling Russia 20% of our Uranium One? What happened to Obama when in the middle of the night he gave 1.7 Billion to Iran as ransom money? What did Obama do when Russia invaded Crimea(nothing)? Who invited the Russians into Syria? In case you forgot Obama.YOU… Read more »
zuma surfer

Watching liberals melting down like Fukushima is highly entertaining.
Adam Schiff looks like he is enjoying the start of his 8 year long
vacation at Trump Med. Adam deserves to be miserable.

Raymond warren

Nice to see that Schiff is still eling the same old lies and not gewtting any furher along than he was 8 months ago. Scif makes up stories in his own peophil head and teaches himself to believe them. CNN FAKE FAKEN NEWS put out by FAKE FAKEN DEMOFARTS.

John Townsend

Whatever rationalizations trump's henchmen can dust off and trot out (novice, naïve, innocent blunder, etc) for Don jr's behavior, the one irrefutable conclusion is that the man's corruptible and corrupt. It runs in the family.

gigi stoner

Traitor Trumps! Yes plural. The whole fucking lot of them!

Traci Robarchek

Bad idea.