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Advanced Python for Personel Finance: Create Cyber Carbuyer

Python Car Advisor App: Real World Data Science Mega Project. A fullscale web scraping project using Scrapy and Pandas…
‘Advanced Python for Personel Finance: Create cyber Carbuyer ‘ is the course, where your data science knowledge will evolve into a practical programming skill that creates solutions for real-world. You will create an application, that will recommend your next car, saving you time and effort while contributing to your personal finances. That is the most practical result you can get from a course.

On the other hand. being able to extract the data you want from web, analyzing it the way you want, and the synergy you can create by these two steps is an invaluable capability for a data scientist. We will use SCRAPY (framework) to extract data from popular car sites around the world. As part of the carefully crafted strategy which we will develop from scratch, this data will be analyzed using PANDAS (library).

Fair enough, but why exactly should I go for this course?

We are spending quite some time trying to learn ‘programming’. No matter whatever field we are in, the end goal is the ability to tackle and solve real-world problems.  ‘Problem solving’ however requires a little more than learning and even maybe mastering the fanciest algorithm. It requires a comprehensive approach, where you have to start with problem definition and maybe spend most of the time experimenting the real-world before you even start your first line of code.

Throughout this course, we will go through all the steps to develop the core of a problem-solver application.

√    Exploration of the Real World Environment

√    Definition of the Problem

√    Development of the Problem Solving Strategy

√    Application of the Strategy involving:

      –    definition of the data  (what do we really need, what is the raw data that I would need to solve it)

      –    accession to data (where and how to get to raw data)

      –    analysis of data  (the assessment of the data to address the real-world problem)

      –    application of methodology  (getting to final outcome)

√    Assessment of the Output (am I getting what I want, do I have to refine anything in the methodology)

√    Exploitation of the Output (where else can I use it, can I benchmark the results into a different field)

To come up with a robust data science methodology and test it, 64 data files with over one million lines of data will be provided additionally, each line representing data particular to a car. This is real data tailored for this course. All in all we can confidently say this a ‘SCRAPY+PANDAS Data Science Mega Project’.

Let me remind you that the approach depicted in the course and its implementation is not limited to car sites, but could also be successfully adapted and effectively used in other online shopping venues.

Finally, a good course is the one that will make you capable and motivated to go further in that field, it will increase your self-confidence to tackle the real-world issues. This uniquely structured and implemented project-based-course exactly aims and does that.

Join to see and experience by yourself.

Very Respectfully,

Tarkan Aguner

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Awesome! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]