Afghan ladies practice at Indian army academy

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mehboob gani

real afghan loves pakistan,


Afghanistan has 3 Trillion Dollars worth of Mineral Resources in their country. NATO is stationed there to steal those resources.

They got their Bin Laden from Pakistan. Laden could have been easily air-lifted from Afghanistan like they did in Pakistan but instead they chose to destroy the whole country for no fault. Barbarian Americans.

Chris hunt

They siding with the enemy of islam.indian forces killing innocents peoples in occupied kashmir exactly like Palestinians.the ethnic peoples of afghnistan which are pashtoons would never bring such shame to afghnistan like these uzbek,hazara tajik etc bringing into….

x Z

More like india tranining asian women HAHHAHAHAHA

Ahmad Wazir

These are not Afghan women, true Afghan women are Nobel and never meet with an Indian barbarian. Only from the hilt side of a sword.

Cosmic Wakes

Women being used as tools of imperialism.

Fastian 125

hindus teaching muslim women how to fight hahahahahha

Desi Manus

It’s about time, Afghans stood up for themselves, fight the crooks in their nation. Nation building comes at a great cost, and it requires some brave loving people to protect their nation from going astray. Teach your children’s well, grow your children well, and importantly contribute to humanity as well. The world will recognize Afghanistan for greatness for once more.

Amir Hussain Balti

Now cat will protected the milk.Indian army don't respect women

jac hug

That's quite impressive.