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Agatha Christie Radio Drama | The Gate of Baghdad

A new adaptation, by Mike Stott.

Christie once again demonstrates her mastery of the short form mystery.

A disparate group of adventurers sets out from Damascus to visit the Gate of Baghdad Set in the noir world of gun-runners, foreign police and refugees, the characters range from the innocent to the darkly experienced: young Netta and her more worldly Aunt Miss Pryce. an exotic General, the dependable Captain O’ Rourke and the mysterious Dr Loftus. The intrepid travellers are haunted by the knowledge that their destination was once known as the Gate of Death. When Captain Smethurst is found murdered, the group are forced to turn for help to one of their party, the seemingly unimpeachable Mr Parker Pyne.
Director Dirk Maggs

Miss Pryce: Patricia Routledge
Parker: Richard Griffiths
Dr Loftus: Paul Freeman
Gen Poli: Saeed Jaffrey
Samuel: Martin David
BBC Radio Drama
BBC Radio Drama
Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie Radio
Agatha Christie Radio Drama
BBC Radio
BBC Radio Drama
BBC Radio Crime
BBC Radio horror

Capt O’Rourke: Toby Longwortn
Capt Smethurst: David Bannerman
Capt Hensley: Rupert Degas
Netta: Alexis Zegerman

BBC Radio 4 FM, 21 January 2002 11.30

Parker Pyne is on a vacation in the Middle East and is soon to set off on the four-hundred mile journey across the Syrian Desert from Damascus to Baghdad by a Pullman motor coach that will traverse the wastes in some thirty-six hours instead of the months that the trip used to take. There are various other people sharing the journey including the young attractive Netta Pryce and her austere aunt; three Royal Air Force officers called O’Rourke, Loftus and Williamson; a Mr Hensley of the Baghdad public works department; an old Etonian called Captain Smethurst; General Poli, an Italian; and an Armenian mother and her son.
Agatha Christie Radio Drama | The Gate of Baghdad

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2 months ago

I'm way behind on her stories since I never heard of this one. Thanks!

Brian Numme
Brian Numme
2 months ago

It’s that Bucket woman!

Liz Fox
Liz Fox
2 months ago

Yes..THANK YOU 😊!!🌃🌙

2 months ago

great video I loved it

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