Alabama Secretary of State’s Reacts to Moore’s Lawyer Questions Accuser’s Credibility. #Breaking

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15 Comments on "Alabama Secretary of State’s Reacts to Moore’s Lawyer Questions Accuser’s Credibility. #Breaking"

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Sennie White

Listen, we've been to the rodeo before in Alabama…. we have the right of a free and independent state in this Union to decide who will represent us…. as for putting all Alabama citizens in the same box, that shows everyone's ignorance and Prejudice to presume….

John Grimm

This lawyer is sick. I pity anyone who lives in Alabama. It is now common knowledge he chased young girls. And they don't care. They will still vote for him. That is the USA in 2017.

carl seibert

Understand this, if this woman, Ms. Nelson had been ruffed up by Roy Moore, as described, she would have requested that Moore recuse himself! Think about it! If the then, DDA Moore had "attacked" her, she had grounds to recuse or state that she knew him! So in1999 she had grounds to appeal or request it be set aside. But that needs to be addressed. To me, that proves she never had an adverse encounter prior the adverse ruling in Court. It also provides a motive for her story sexual assault story.

Dio Medes

J. Merrill slithers his way around the subject and crawls into some dark corners of his animal instincts to avoid the truth. Republicans are inhumane, the Alabama Republicans are just a Satanic cult.

EBobby Sing

It's written with two different inks and the handwriting are different. And the Supposed 'Roy' looks like 'Ray'. The signature looks different from Roy Moore's signature too.


There are no cowboys in Alabama and there never have been.

Rick Ammon
With the documentation provided in the Washington Post article combined with Roy Moore's admission that he dated teenagers as young as sixteen when he was in his thirties, and at that time he held the position of Assistant District Attorney, I find the allegations that Roy Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a girl of 14 when he was 32 to be completely believable! As an Assistant District Attorney at the time, Roy Moore knew the law and he knew right from wrong, but chose to disregard the law in favor of his lust for young girls. There is a… Read more »

You don't need to be an expert to see that the signature is his. Gimme a break!

wandering spirit

Remember when CNN and the entire liberal media when they were collectively
discrediting and demeaning ALL of Bill Clinton's accusers?. It shows you how
corrupt the liberal media really is.

turth say it



Roy MOLESTING Children is not a date do u Do you deny taking their clothes off trolling at the mall? Under oath before God Mr justice when so many people say you really like the young ones where outcome from???

james smith

Look at all the trolls desperately clinging to any shred of hope that moore isn't guilty as sin. The one thing that is best about all this is that it is a win-win situation for liberals, if moore gets knocked down for this fuckery then the seat goes democrat, if he actually wins, then he will be a never-ending source of chaos in the republican party in DC and between them I can see trump and moore becoming the final nails in the republican coffin. Conservative tears are so bitter and yet so sweet. lol

Robert Howard

Senator Doug Jones, Senator Doug Jones, Senator Doug Jones!

GM Newbold
"Judge" Moore, why don't you submit to a polygraph examination under oath so the voters can see how you respond to question about . . . 1) Your sexual / romantic (eww) history with underaged girls. Expressly, Leigh Corfman, the 14 year old you took into a cabin in the woods. 2) Your experience with sexual assault, expressly with the 16 year old girl, Beverly Nelson Young, whose yearbook you signed. 3) Your history of cruising Gadsen, Alabama malls looking for young girls including ever having been banned or actively discouraged from entering said malls. Roy Moore, you took a… Read more »
Ltkima Ralte

Did the truth also matter to cnn?