ALERT !President Trump points a brand new menace in opposition to North Korea

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Breaking Information TV North Korea NEWS – BnTV : BnTV IS YOUR GO TO SOURCE FOR …


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Kacugak Paku Karatan

go WAR nuke,!!!
🚀 💨
I am from Indonesia .

Ralph P.

This rhetoric is playing right into China's scheme: USA starts rhetoric, North Korea reacts leaving a great vacuum after a disastrous confrontation. It is a win win for China, tired of America's supremacy in their backyard.
Wake up Mr. President, it is time to put CHINA in its place or keep quite.

Jessica Wilson

You can't believe anything that comes from fox news, Trump propaganda network

Lucas Baker

Americans loser

Ivan Chernobyl

North Korea's getting ready to find out what it's like to be taken out by the United States military the most powerful military in the world second to none

Panda Nuke

I hate North Korea, I hope they get blown off the world map very soon. I'm tired of waiting.

Rik Rina

amerika can do no wrong…How pathetic is that..!!?? Someone…anyone…put amerika out of it's misery…