All In with Chris Hayes 2⁄23⁄17 Trump information cpac

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All In with Chris Hayes 2⁄23⁄17 Trump information cpac.


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Monique C. Lewis
Chris Hayes Such an Honest reporter right, Hey Chris remember that interview you did with Hilary?? Entire “interview” with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is staged, reading word-for-word particular exchange is literally titled "Tax hit on Chris Hayes"…implying doing a tax hit on Sanders on the Chris Hayes Show on MSNBC.You can literally see them truncating paragraphs into sentences, shortening them, so that they appear to be stream of consciousness thoughts rather than prepared statements.Here is the video evidence of that interview. Washington, D.C., run by Democratic fundraiser Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. The group was paid… Read more »
Doris Fowler
Last night I was eatching All In With Vhris Hays. He was to have a Muslim woman interview with him. When the time csame and she started speaking she was cut off.The reason was that the station had to power up. no big deal ss it happens every day. However, when it was suposed to go back to the intervew they had technichel probblems and suggested how to fix it. eventually it came back on, usuually it restarts where it left off, but not this time, the girl was.gone and another intervview was on. What is it that they didn't… Read more »
letsleeping Dogslie

So Great you want a fight every day you got a fight every day! You Son of a Bitch! Sen. Leonard Lance sure is walking on egg shell on what to say about Obama care! Repeal , replace, repeal but not replace. I feel like someone is just sniff my butt hole! The only way republicans will fix this resistance problem is if we get Obama back and they become more partisan and fair towards our president, with respect comes respect!

tim hutson

who's they or them