All Politicians Stretch Truth, But Some Articulate The Big Lie! 5 Issues

Politicians, stretching, the truth, is, as old, as there have been elections, and public officials. Unfortunately, in their focus, to be popular, and electable, these individuals, often avoid telling, the whole story, so they might provide, the degree of political spin, which helps their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, we have recently, begun, to witness, this focus on half – truths, to transform to, and morph, full – fledged, lying! While, in the past, most of the lies, were repeated, only until, others noticed, and then, modified, etc, all political norms, have seemed to go away, and we, are now witnessing, the big – lie! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, examine, consider, and discuss, 5 significant issues, and the potential ramifications.

1. Frequency: Political fact – checkers, state, President Donald Trump, either lies, and/ or mis – states, in a major way, more than six times, per day. Unlike most politicians, who proceeded, him, this individual, articulates a message, based on inspiring and motivating, his core, base, and supporters, and doing so, in a way, where truth, seems, not to matter! The apparent modus operandi, is repeating the same lies, over, and over, again, and his supporters, seem to believe, whatever he proclaims!

2. Tell lie, and, then, double – down!: Our President, goes beyond, merely stretching, the truth, but, rather, doubles – down, on his statements, even when others, clearly disprove, his rhetoric! Rather, he blames and complains, about others, and, calls, anything which disagrees with him, Fake News!

3. Seems to lie, about, both, major and minor things: It seems, not a day, has gone by, since Mr. Trump, began his Presidency, when there wasn’t some sort of controversy, often based on something he said, or did. While his supporters, seem, not to care, and remain, backing him, many others, are concerned about, his rhetoric, vitriol, and empty promises, and proposals, which appear to be without any viable approaches, and/ or solutions. Rather than merely, telling some half – truths, this man, appears, to lie about both, minor, and major things!

4. Complain, and blame others: You must have noticed, when all else, seems to be unsuccessful, Trump resorts to complaining, and blaming others, for everything, and avoiding personal responsibility! Aren’t you tired of his, blaming, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and, of course, those e – mails?

5. Stoke fears: Basing his rhetoric, often, seemingly, on stoking fears, and inspiring their personal biases, and prejudice, for political gain, is, apparently, politically, successful, but, I believe, ethically, and morally, wrong!

Base your decisions on verifiable facts, rather than merely the rhetoric, etc, of any politician! Do so, before you make any final decisions!

Source by Richard Brody

Don Ma

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