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American Consequences 2020

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Featuring Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman Thomas Massie, Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth, authors David Boaz, Neal McCluskey, and Michael Tanner, as well as political economist and American Consequences editor in chief P.J. O’Rourke, this film shows how we got to where we are today… where we’re heading next… and how to protect yourself when we get there.

“A serious warning for the U.S. as we approach the 2020 presidential election.”
– Dr. Ron Paul

“May the warnings not fall on deaf ears.”
– Danielle DiMartino Booth

“What seems radical today could become mainstream tomorrow.”
– Senator Bernie Sanders

You’ll Learn:
• Why we could soon have a “total disintegration of society,” according to Dr. Ron Paul.
• The one factor that practically guarantees a socialist, “progressive” candidate will win in 2020.
• Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only the start of this massive political shift.
• How “cronyism” got us here… and what that anger will lead to.
• What the “freedom dividend” means… and how it will bankrupt America.

This film is from the folks who publish the online magazine American Consequences about what’s really happening in American finance and politics.

Each month, we try to answer the question: What could possibly go wrong? Because usually… it does.

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Stephen Velez
Stephen Velez

Socialism=spending other peoples money till it runs out. Communism=having no money because socialism spent it all.

James Thompson
James Thompson

Only 55 views in the 1st week. Wow, I hope this gets some traction somehow. I'll be recommending it to others.

Chris Collins
Chris Collins

The differance between socialist and captialist is simple. A captialist walks his dog and a socialist eats his.

Pamela Anne
Pamela Anne

My book: We Stand! We Rise! We Resist!: Where the Leftist Tactics Began & How They're Coming to a City Near You! The Leftist will not like this book. I put Linda Sarsour's Picture on the backside, as I met her at Standing Rock Protest, this is where it all started. Author: myself P.A. Hemphill, on

victoria elaine
victoria elaine

AOC and Bernie are pushing slavery. Nothing in life is free.