Ana Navarro on Surge of Puerto Ricans might change FL Politics. #AnaNavarro @ananavarro #Florida

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8 Comments on "Ana Navarro on Surge of Puerto Ricans might change FL Politics. #AnaNavarro @ananavarro #Florida"

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John Reid
I don't know  if Ana Navarro simply wasn't aware of her own hypocrisy when opining on "The View" that Justin Hartley of "This Is Us" could take a necklace and "anything else he wanted" after aggressively voicing that any form of sexual harassment is unacceptable.  This seems to point out that women, many women in fact, are comfortable with and willingly make sexually suggestive comments about men when they're among their female peers. The rest of the panel concurred with her comment/assessment of Justin in what should have been labeled a politically incorrect moment. It was, IMO, an automatic reflex,… Read more »
Mr Ricandelphia

Florida the most influential swing state will get hundreds of thousands.. Other swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, & Virginia to name a few, will also get tens of thousands… In fact the 2 most popular destinations are Florida and Pennsylvania both swing states

John Frank

Help, Hilary Clinton? Ummm…she is a private citizen the election has been over for better than a year! If Bernie is still alive in 2020, this nation would do themselves a favor by placing their ballot for him. He can actually fix things because, he has nothing to lose and a winning legacy to gain.

Jason Diaz

I'm came from PR and I vote for Donald Trump. The majority of people in PR are tied with GOP values and principles. So don't assume that the puertorricans will vote Democrat by fact.

terrance leacock

a vote for Republicans is a vote for Caucasian supremacy.

Paul Bernotas

you better believe Democrats will help get our new residents to the voting booth including myself.
we're listening and we vote

eloy alvarado

viva Puerto Rico 🇲🇽estamos con ustedes ✌✌✌

Janice Lee

Praying for PUERTO RICO