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Andrew Yang Full Speech at Politics and Eggs event, New, UBI, Automation, Yang Gang 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks at a Politics and Eggs event at St. Anselm College.

As always, he shows incredible knowledge and back up his plans with tons of data. He is also well spoken. He is the most intelligent candidate so far for President election 2020.

Yang2020 – Andrew Yang for President

It is always a pleasure to watch Andrew talks. Even the toughest questions he will answer gracefully.

Please invite everyone around you to hear out Andrew Yang. He is the most honest and intelligent candidate who is willing to address average American’s daily issue.
Check out the Yang Gang shirts:

Andrew Yang with Math hat:

Andrew Yang – Make America Think Harder:

Please come out and vote for him and make him the next President!

Yang2020 – Andrew Yang for President


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