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Andrew Yang Interview with NPR Politics | Talks his Youth, UBI, Guns, Climate Change, SNL, and More

Matt posts an interview on the NPR Politics Podcast with 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang. This version has been condensed down to just the interview with Yang. Among the questions and topics discussed include Yang’s youthful days, UBI, the federal budget, guns, the opiate crisis, climate change, Dave Chappelle, and SNL.

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The Zach and Matt Show
The Zach and Matt Show

How do you think Yang did in this interview? Did he do well representing his policies and ideas?

Nexus Yang
Nexus Yang

I believe one of the greatest failures that he may still shoulder even to this day is the death of one of the individuals that was a participant of VFA. I don't know all the details but from what I read it really hit Andrew hard. I don't think it is something he would publicly but I'm pretty sure he still remembered the talk he had to give to his parents.

It may not be for a fallen solider, but I'm pretty sure that feeling is just as terrible if you have to be the bearer of bad news.


Jon Joseph San Juan
Jon Joseph San Juan

Gamer, Goth, Dave Chappelle fan. This guy was meant for us.

Charles Du
Charles Du

Who's David Shapel? Gonna have to check him out!

free lance
free lance

Good talk, they should have filmed the interview
Everything Andrew Yang is interesting.