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Andrew Yang, the Queen of Dragons and a Quite Rational Reason Millennials Are Choosing Not to Vote

Hi, I am J. Scott Garibay and I am an engaged, amateur Political Commentator from Philadelphia, PA.

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kim villasenor
kim villasenor

You're like my dream dad

karen 🧢 ( dynrgal)
karen 🧢 ( dynrgal)

Yup….Freedom Dividend would be a game changer for millennials. They could choose the ancient model ( unattainable now) or more " freedom". I think overdoses and suicide is related to the loss of the safety of the ancient model. My son IS 25, recently married, but they don't want children…mostly because $ and a screwed up society. I am thrilled my son found love and I love his wife, but they are very Emo about the future

Let Yang Sing
Let Yang Sing

good points, as always, Scott! Though, as a millennial I would say that $$ (lack of) plays a much bigger role in younger people's veering from the ancient path than the expanded choices. The contraction of financial security prevents many from planning for the future.