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Armstrong Williams 11-02-19 “The Importance of Sleep for Service Members”

Hot Topic: Revenge porn used against Representative Katie Hill and the pressure she felt to resign from her post. Was it necessary for her to resign? Having sexual relations with your subordinates while holding a high office is it still unethical or did this only reflect negatively because she was female and not male?
We touch on Beto O’Rourke falling out of the race, Impeachment decisions by Nancy Pelosi, influence of Barack Obama, The Harriet Movie and discuss the book, Whom Shall I Fear?, by Dr. Ewart F. Brown.
Sleep deprivation is a dangerous rising symptom in our society. It not only impacts individuals directly who are sleep deprived but also endangering others potentially fatally if for example operating a motor vehicle and falling asleep behind the wheel. Sleep deprivation can be equated to being under the influence with delayed reaction time and cognitive awareness. This is particularly a dangerous issue for service members because the job description is to always be in a state of preparedness and from this overactive awareness it poses issues in relaxing and falling asleep. So, the cycle continues.
Join us in this latest episode as we touch on these many important issues.

Stephanie Hamill

Brittany Lewis

Ewart Brown

Dr. Latasha Perkins

Richard Ricciardi

Segment 1 Resignation of Katie Hill
Inquiry or impeachment
Importance of President Obama endorsement
Why isn’t Trump concerned with Cali fires
Economy and jobs under Trump
Social media on the campaign

Segment 2
Dr. Ewart Brown

Segment 3
Jacob Block
Unequal Promo

Segment 4 Hookers for Jesus

Segment 5 Sleep Deprivation

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