Balham on the Up and Up – Can You Afford NOT to Buy a Balham Property?

Peter Sellers once described Balham as a "gateway to the south". This was due to the boarded up shop windows, the derelict housing and overall shabbiness of the suburb. Things are completely on the mend though with big investors and developers now investing in Balham property. Many a Balham estate agent has long been claiming that Balham was a suburb that was "in a transition phase", and hey, maybe they were right … just this once!

Balham has quickly become a social hotspot and is probably the only one of its kind this side of the river. With a few popular buzzing spots such as The Exhibit and the trendy Balham Kitchen restaurant which is bringing in hoards of people every night, more and more people are being exposed to the new and improved social properties in Balham.

It's not jus the social networkers that are enjoying the sites and sounds of Balham, Property developers and investors are also starting to show massive amounts of interest in properties for sale in Balham.

Goldcrest Homes were the first property investment group to take the plunge into the Belham property market and have been well rewarded for their measured gamble. They purchased the Bee Gee used motor vehicle lot on the high street and renovated it into a cluster of stylish residential flats. Sixteen of the seventeen flats have been sold off-plan indicating that many people are eager to get a metaphoric foot in the door of this booming suburb.

David Hodgson, marketing director of London Property investment group, Goldcrest Homes , used the impressive transport links for getting involved in the Balham property scene:

"It is on the Northern Line, which gives it direct access to the City, and the mainline station at Balham connects with Victoria and the south coast. of the 17 flats off-plan. "

Due to the fact that housing is still reliably cheaper than similar areas such as Battersea and Clapham, many people are recognizing the potential of the area and are either buying property to rent in Balham or purchasing property to actually live in. Experts advise that any property seekers in London should seriously consider Balham as an option.

The perfect trifecta is achieved when we throw in the fact that schooling in the area provides no shortage of options. There are numerous state and independent schools for pupils of all ages. Some are within walking distance of residential Balham properties while other schools are just a short drive away.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join celebrities such as Brian Dowling, Sarah Beeny, Jack Dee and supermodel Jaquetta Wheeler and buy a property in Balham. The Balham property market is in a healthy state of growth so make sure you make the most of it before prices overtake that of other neighboring London suburbs.

Source by Dave Ackermann

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