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Barcelona C++ October 2019. MongoDB: A NoSQL modern database written in modern C++17

MongoDB is the most popular database for scalable modern applications
and at its core is a large open-source [ ], cross-platform C++-17 code base. One of the most important features of the database platform is its Distributed Systems offering, which provides seamless scaling, high availability and performance, and abstracts difficult synchronization problems from the users, giving them the “illusion” that they are connected to a single server.

This talk will introduce MongoDB, will give some facts about its engineering team and codebase and then will explain some of the interesting distributed algorithms which have been implemented for data balancing and distributed transactions. The talk will be given by Kaloian Manassiev an Engineering Lead at MongoDB, so please bring all your doubts and questions with you. You are welcome to “grill” the speaker 🙂

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