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BBB-Ep 8 Let's Dive In – 9_14_19, 2.18 PM


On this episode: Felicity Huffman received 14 days in prison for fraud relating to placement for her kids in an Educational institution, while poorer darker counterparts received 3-12 years in Prison. We ineffectively attempted to tiptoe around the issue of an elite HS African American girl swimmer in Alaska, who was disqualified and reinstated for wedgie in her swimsuit. Lastly, Joe Biden rambled on once again, in the Dem debate, we critiqued it.

Show Prologue:
Brothers Breaking Bread, or the “Triple B Pod”, is a collection of African American professionals, friends, and family that attempt to tackle the important issues of the day. We bring our unique brand of humor, sensitivity, and oftentimes anger to the analysis. The show features Rodger (@KcStork); “The Brothers of Doom” James and Joe; Anthony (10 Meters); Ada (Lady Lavender) and extended #3BPod family. We cut our teeth as podcasters creating nearly 100 episodes of the Negroraguan Podcast, we’ve kept much of the format and traditions with a few personal touches that come with a new show. We sincerely hope you enjoy, and subscribe to the show.

Music Cred:
Show Intro- We Outchea – Joseph Jefferson
Outro- It’s Over – Joseph Jefferson

Photo Editing:
Jason Jones

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