Bedrooms I Have Known

I'm a Feng Shui consultant, and I wanted to share a few vignettes about "bedrooms I have known" (at least as a Feng Shui Consultant!) One of the more memorable ones went as follows: I was telling this woman that she should be careful of what she stored under the bed – especially if it had to do with ex-boyfriends, or anything bad or dangerous.

Well, we got on our hands and knees, and starting pulling things out from under the bed. Not only did we find a box with every letter her ex-boyfriend ever wrote, we found gifts he had given her, and (here's the kicker) we found a SWORD under her bed! Along with this was a lot of dust, a board game called "Risk" and a few other goodies. Needless to say, we were horrified.

Another time, I was doing consulting for a man in Boston, and he shared with me his propensity for stacking up piles of papers. I did not really get the full impact of what he was saying until he showed me his bedroom. On EVERY available inch of floor space, these were neatly stacked piles of papers. The only floor space showing was a tiny path for him to get into his bed. He also admitted that he probably had not spent in 7 years.

You know, people wonder why their lives are all screwed up. I've seen it all. On another memorable gig, a woman was sleeping under a giant beam that basically cut her in two (energetically speaking). Add to this that she too had a sword on the wall – directly over her head – and guess what was in her relationship area? Dirty Laundry!

Then there was the time I found suitcases in someone else's relationship area. I asked them, "Do you tend to have long-distance relationships that never work out?" "How did you KNOW?" They asked. Like I said, I've seen some pretty crazy stuff out there.

Here are my parting words. Clean up your clutter, and remember ALL your senses when it comes to your bedroom. This means it should not only look good, smell good, and feel good, but if it does, you're on your way to good Feng Shui.

Source by Jennifer Emmer

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