Belgian PM grilled on Catalonia: “It isn’t our disaster!”

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4 Comments on "Belgian PM grilled on Catalonia: “It isn’t our disaster!”"

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Enrique Pascual

These catalan separatists are capable to desintegrate the Universe!, now is Belgium turn hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Rudi Chinchilla

Right! out with them

I know it's not in Carles Puigdemont's nature but, he might want to be a more civilised and gracious guest to the Belgian Kingdom instead of misusing his host hospitality by these continued public provocations towards the Kingdom of Spain. It's already a tense situation and his gracious host is being very patient with him and his people. The Belgian Kingdom has a long running separatist movement itself and Puigdemont is putting that internal Belgian issue under extreme pressure now with his rebel Catalan antics in public. If this continues i fully understand that Charles Michelle either gives him a… Read more »
david sos

the catalain reponsible is crasy,

him region is power in economy, tourism and trade, i don't understant what he want, or what he look ??