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Bernie Sanders Rally | East Los Angeles Nov 2019 | POLI VLOG EPISODE 1

Bernie Sanders spoke at Woodrow Wilson High School in East Los Angeles on 11/16/19. Follow us as we vlog our trip to his Rally! Includes amazing drone shots, short interviews, guest speakers, and of course, Bernie Sanders. Thanks for Watching Episode 1 of Poli Vlog.

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(Poli Vlog is a political video log created by me, Diego, a progressive Democrat closely following American politics in Los Angeles.)

Sorry for the shaky camera! We didn’t bring a tripod to hold the cameras.

Bernie spoke for about 45 minutes and in the interest of time, I had to cut out other policy proposals. Most notably, what he intends to do about Climate Change. If you enjoyed this video, Please Like! Share! and Subscribe! If you don’t, that’s your imperative so gtfo 😀

United States Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is running for the Presidency of the United States. Back in 2016, Senator Sanders ran against Hilary Clinton in the Democratic Primary. It was clear that the party establishment did not want Hilary to be challenged during the Primary. Ultimately, Clinton won the nomination and ran against then candidate Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has created a rift in the American Politics, the policy priorities have shifted. Ideas such as Medicare for All, Debt free public college, and a Green New Deal are now in the forefront of the political discourse. This shift is can be largely attributed to the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and the thousands of volunteers and workers behind the movement.

Again, Thanks for Watching!
– Diego

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