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Black Migrants in Tpapchula

In this webinar, you will learn about the obstacles African migrants face in Mexico as well as their demands and needs. We are excited to have actor/activist Kendrick Sampson and BAJI’s Executive Director Nana Gyamfi share their first-hand account of their visit to Tapachula, Mexico and the denial of human rights #Africanmigrants are facing at the border.

Thousands of Black immigrants in Tapachula, Mexico have organized several protests opposing the Mexican government’s refusal to let them travel to the U.S. border to seek asylum. There are thousands of Black immigrants in Mexico, from the Caribbean and Africa, whose stories are untold and their plight overlooked.

On September 2nd, Kendrick Sampson, actor/activist and co-founder of BLD PWR, joined Black Alliance for Just Immigration Executive Director, Nana Gyamfi and BAJI Legal manager and Staff Attorney Tsion Gurmu for an emergency trip to Tapachula, Mexico. There, they bore witness and interviewed African migrants protesting the violation of their human rights at the southern border of Mexico.

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