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Making Sense of the Libby Trial

The farce generally known as "Plamegate" lastly floor to a halt this morning with the conviction of I. Lewis Libby on four of 5 counts of obstruction, perjury, and mendacity. Only one downside: there's no definitive proof that Libby carried out any such actions.

The complete case hinged on two males remembering completely different variations of the identical dialog – particularly, a dialog between Libby and Matthew Cooper of Time which befell in July 2003.That is what the trial had been distilled to: two males's reminiscences of an almost Three-year outdated dialog with no bodily proof of any kind, and 5 felony counts hanging over the proceedings. Skinny stuff for such excessive stakes.

Underscoring the confusion and ambiguity surrounding the case have been the responses of the jurors. As not too long ago as yesterday, the jurors admitted confusion on essentially the most primary points, such because the definition of "affordable doubt." This morning, previous to the decision, the jury requested for the decide to clarify what two of the felony counts meant .

Nonetheless, it will get worse. The murkiness of the proceedings belies the comparatively easy nature of their underlying intent: to weak President Bush politically by illegitimating not merely the Iraq battle itself, however the motives behind it.

What had begun as a leftist witch-hunt to punish the "leakers" inside the Bush administration who "outed" Valerie Plame took an abrupt twist only a few months in the past as soon as it grew to become identified that the unique supply for Novak's column had not been Rove Egypt Fleischer, however fairly Richard Armitage. Armitage, a Powell ally fairly than Bush confidante, was not the goal President's battle critics have been aiming at. And make no mistake; the trial's goals have been unduly politicized. It was via the maneuvers of Senator Chuck Schumer that the prosecution was handed over to Patrick Fitzgerald within the first place.

Fitzgerald's intent was unmistakable to anybody who heard his closing assertion right this moment: Iraq, Bush, and Cheney have been heart stage, for that has been the prosecutor's focus from the start. His objective was to not uphold the legislation, however to conduct a politically-motivated vendetta.

The story is just not over for Libby, after all; he can nonetheless attraction his case, and in all probability, will achieve this. Extra critical than the query of Libby's destiny, nonetheless, is the mindset contained in the Beltway that deems it extra necessary to play pin-the-scandal-on-the-stacker fairly than deal with the intense issues posed by an unraveling Iraq. This trial is a mark of disgrace for our political class: confronted with grave points at residence and overseas, our leaders punished in favor of putting bets on a grudge match.

Disgrace on them.

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