BREAKING: Clinton Intercourse Accuser Declares Her Plan, Please Hear

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SOURCE :Christian Information Alerts BREAKING: Clinton Intercourse Accuser Declares Her Plan, Please Hear One of many former President’s many supposed victims is …


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S.e.x.y girl S.E.X

i love sexx


Good for her 🎉🍻🍸🍾🎊

circles in the night

Scary. That he can get away with it

Mike Wilson

Good for her. Go get them.

Immaculate Heart

She should come out when Jenifer Flower and Jones come out to support those women claims. But she did not. She kept silence until now. It's too late. She is actually in a way of helping the Clinton to commit more crimes and get away with more treasonous affair. All the victims should come out now, since it's too damn late. Have your stories to be heard about the Clintons' crimes.


Bill bit this lady lip! This is a tactic's that was used to get "animal's under control" out on the range back in History. Tactic like twisting a horses ear or pinching a lip, would redirect a animal's fear to the pain to Controll them. What a piece of Garbage someone aught to kick Bill's Nasty Ass. Hillary can put some ICE on that….

Rick p

Clinton's=Pedos, Rapists, Murders and the Scum of the Earth.

J. Muller

The news media will cover it up.

Janice Matthess

The book will enlighten us, we don't have to wait for fair media reporting! 😊

dennis haessly

She better be prepared to commit suicide.

Brian Barney

I have always believed all those woman there is something REALY sleezy about him

John Doll

The Clinton Crime Family will be crushed and the sooner the better.

Byron Clown

Its hard to Imagine the allegations against him… Due to the fact… He doesn't look like he could a feather duster in the air…

Mike Marley

Its all coming out and home to roost on the two nefarious scoundrels who created one of the biggest crime syndicates in American history,from satanic rituals to Russian espionage,add murder inc,clinton drug cartel and don't forget the elite pedo ring they control.No body could make this shit up and it is quite unbeleavable but than The Truth is Always stranger than fiction.

Mike Hunt

Arkancide. Dead rape victims tell no tales.

P U 25

With so much shit against the Clinton’s through all of their Public Life and nothing happens to them… most likely the reason being is because they may have dossiers (major dirt) about all politicians in power and no one has the balls to really nail this son of a bitches…the same applies to the Obummer’s!!

Maxx Masson

what kind of woman covers up her husband crime so he can be elected president ,and what kind of people in the media ignore the victims ,they are as guilty as the criminal itself

John Strat

Hillary hired an attorney, as a thug who threatened Bill's rape victims. He would make threatening calls and even killed her cat. Hillary financed these attacks and harrassment of these victims. Hillary is pure evil.

Dan Salazar