BREAKING NEWS About Hillary Clinton And BENGHAZI… Right here’s What We Know

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Breaking Information: BREAKING NEWS About Hillary Clinton And BENGHAZI… Here is What We Know Supply and content material: Please subscribe …


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Colleen McGrady
Sorrows upon sorrows have visited us because of the two most dangerous people who are still at large .. but not for long … our deepest ..sympathy goes to the mothers who lost their sons and daughter because of the murderous villains .. it is up to our government to give the grieving mothers some answers … why Bengahzi was allied to happened ..!? Why were the pleas for security not heeded ? it’s not possible to forgive them.. ( HRC and Oharma .. McCain Jarret .. Lynch Comey et al ) they are criminally insane therefore they are beyond… Read more »
Brad Cox

Hillary Clinton should be shot for treasonous actions for the men and ambassador that was executed for trying to defend the US's embassy and ambassador…… It's shouldn't be like this the Commander-in-Chief should also be held to the stone looped off that smug look on his face. Obama's the worst Want-A-Be America has had..

Queen of Hearts Baby

EVIL 👹. Demo's. ARE. REALY. . Fucking. US. UP. 📣❗📣. Tax's,. Health. Care,. . Ilegals. 📣❗📣
They. Want. 2. Destroy UsA. 💀❗💀. 4. ⬛👳👳👳⬛

Queen of Hearts Baby

QUEEN SATAN Killery 👹 is. A. Dangrous. Pyscopath. 2. USA. Citizen's. &. WORLD. 📣❗📣


They charged the man with terrorism and not murder. They're saving the murder convictions for Hitlery.

Holly Lea

I wish I could see what video it was that would put everyone in danger