Breaking Information ALERT – President Donald Trump Newest Information At this time 11/29/17

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Guilty before proven anything. The New American way

marshall Dillon

Whores trying to make a name for thereself.and get rich.

Kate Walsh

It was due to her anger during the campaign when Matt went off the script given her by Donna B. And asking her about the email scandal. She also threw a glass of water in DRS face in her anger after the interview with Matt.

Bob White

I think we are witnessing our President have a manic episode. He is losimg a grip mentally. I dont know if its the job, the Russia investigation, the sexual assault claims and litigation, or all of the above…but one thing is for certain, after reading Trumps tweets and what he has said the last 3 days, the president is definitely metally ill.

Fabian Defoin

If you want to know who gave the ICBM to North Korea…just look at IRAN!!!!!

Jack Steward

Looks like shinning a light on this vicious behavior by the left has backfired. Tells us a pile about what has been going on in the “upper” crust of society.

Canadian Girl

Any women could make up any story and destroy a man's life. This man has been tried and convicted without do process. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

Paul Edwards Cowboy

can anyone Define exactly what constitutes sexual harassment

Rick (Ricky G) Govreau
Rick (Ricky G) Govreau

retribution for his Hillary interview?