BREAKING NEWS Out Of TEXAS… Please Ship Your Prayers

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Rodney Armstrong

Look this is going to make it so much harder on the illegals in America. Can you say more being deported faster I say step it up I believe that each State should deport at least 1,000 a day.

Mark Rector

don't you dare hurt the mexican americans you dumb-son-of bitiches……

Ken lynn

These men protecting our boarders have earned American status, God bless them.

Betty Carruth

Believe me around Alpine Texas the law is just MEXICANS. KILL all MEXICANS in TEXAS. Put American white men to run the law down around the Broad.

Mark Klinefelter

Bless Our US Custom and Border Agent Rogelio Martinez Family! God protect and Bless our Border. With the precious Blood of the Lamb! AMEN