BREAKING NEWS SMERCONISH 9/16/17 | Will TRUMP’S Dealing With DEMS Alienate His Base?

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12 Comments on "BREAKING NEWS SMERCONISH 9/16/17 | Will TRUMP’S Dealing With DEMS Alienate His Base?"

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I have no idea why anyone would be a republican

Truth Willout

Curt Schilling another redneck low IQ moron

james patterson

Excellent upload!! Thanks!

Rita Burgess

Curt Schilling was always a douche bag, and this rant solidified his status!

Joe Brunner

"Hands Up Dont Shoot!" a LIE made up by the left. Michael Brown rushed a COP – he got what he deserved.

Joe Brunner

Only LIBERALS want men in same bathroom as little girls. Liberals are sick!


Steve King doesn't want the fight over immigration, but he doesn't mind allowing animal abuse, as in dog and cock fighting, and he voted against the Endangered Species Act. This guy also didn't want Steve Bannon to go. And, he's in the pocket of the oil lobby. He is a big supporter of Fracking, which is the cause of all the recent earthquakes in the mid west. Fracking weakens the earth's crust and is pervasive in Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas.


Curt is a typical republican. Full of conspiracy theories, some of them made up by Russian hackers to get Trump elected. If these conspiracy theories were true, why doesn't someone file criminal charges, and charge them with a crime? The reason they don't is because these are all made up fantasies. These are all signs of childish immaturity, and all part of republican politics.

Gigi Devoe

Give me a deal
Any deal. LOL

Crantze Crantzer

Trump serves Trump and nobody else. If it gets good press, screw the voters. SAD!

Sam Hill

Curt should spend his time trying to find honest employment so he can repay his debts, rather than attacking people

Debra Smith

Bannin pledged endless support- even 'Billy Bush Weekend' and meow grabbing was easy for him to ignore but not WORKING WITH them darned 'lefties'!

Dysfunction, disorder and chaos! WELL SAID!
Profit mongering to get ratings- a business model- GREED – that golden idol.

Dear Sarah: the WHOLE WORLD is not planning to apologize for that opinion- because most of the world agrees with her.