BREAKING NEWS: UN Passes MASSIVE Sanctions on North Korea that may Lastly DESTROY the Regime

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Ambassador Haley, U.S. Everlasting Consultant to the United Nations, speaks to the UN Safety Council which unanimously adopted Decision 2375 …


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marvin shaw

Even though this was necessary, we must be cautious to not back Kim in a corner where he feels he has nothing to lose or else he might pull the trigger to create mass destruction out of spite

Watching TrainsgoBy
She sounds too soft, and whoever writes her stuff is weak, immature and sounds like an adult talking to a child. The same way someone does when they condescend because they don't think their subject will understand. When will intelligent, strong willed adults take this world back. Where the hell are the Henry Kissinger's of the world. I agree with the sentiment, and agenda, but it comes off as almost spineless due to a lack of real emotion. There appears to be no concern or outrage in her voice. It's like she's reading a letter that she doesn't care about,… Read more »
Gomoto Bonnah

Cut off Fat Boy's twinkie shipments and he will be brought to heel very quickly.

Leigh Peters

Looks like they are scared of China

Leigh Peters

No lady boys getting out of nk

R Lionheart

The fact is the US had to cut back some of the sanctions originally tabled or Russia and China would have voted NO.


"destroy the regime" .. lol .. no.


cut everything!food and water!let them starving!


The US is strong and has powerful weapons that can destroy alot of countries including NK very fast and very efficiently. NK wants the same kind of power and weapons. If the US can have it, why cant the North. In my eyes, US is evil, NK is evil, we are a country full of greed and hypocrisy. Money driven society who seeks after wealth and power. The US is a closet, two faced, outwardly a sheep, but a monster of a wolve inside. Show your true colors and stop pretending you are innocent.


until a nuke missle is on pad we stand by ready to resolve

Greg Schoen

This fuel embargo is the same kind of thing that drove Japan to attack the U.S.

This could force Lil' Kim to do something really, really stupid.


PLEASE USA, get out of that TIT suckers U.N. move that FVCKING U.N. building to the middle east and no more 3rd World Environment bribe.

Tom Youngjohn

I want her to be Bobby Jindal's VP pick in 2024!

Maggie Grace Rasor

Freeze them out!!! Brilliant!


I am very pro nuking the shit out of N. Korea. But I must inform all of my peoples, that the last time the United States did this, we had Pearl Harbor happen shortly after. This whole " We are not looking for war" is 100% bull shit, this is * Let me poke it in the eyeball so it strikes first.

Again, I am very much pro nuke the shit out of them. Or just take the little fat man out. But this is a very odd thing to see in my life time.

One of the most best current documentaries that I have recently seen about the leader of Communist Dictator of North Korea: North Korea's Darkest Secrets Documentary 2017 ALSO… A MUST SEE, if you can watch first is best to understand relationship between South and Communist North Korea is this excellent 2016 documentary – South Korea Documentary BBC 2016 Film: to understand the relationship between countries with South Korea a modern & world class business centers/exporter of world electronics of Samsung & LG as well as the worlds largest ship builders yet..on the other side of the wall between… Read more »
Doctor Ganja

"MASSIVE Sanctions on North Korea that will Finally DESTROY the Regime"
What a joke for how long are the sanctions now? NK still growing


More sanctions wont do anything. Just nuke them already