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Breaking Open Apache Geode: How It Works and Why

What sparkly facets are on the inside of Apache Geode? How does it work and why is it designed this way?

This session will break down the details of how Apache Geode stores data and maintains consistency. We’ll cover:

– data partitioning and low-latency data access
– redundancy, rebalancing, and member failures

Throughout the talk, we’ll focus on the design considerations behind the choices made by Apache Geode. If you’re interested in what goes into the design of a highly available, low-latency, distributed system, this talk is for you!

Learn more:

Speaker: Dan Smith, Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal
Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2019

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Tirthankar Mitra
Tirthankar Mitra
7 months ago

I have a question on the read going to any nodes, while writes are locked and kind of done serially for a particular bucket. If reads get an arbitrary copy it might be a problem in some cases. Consider that I am storing balance of an account so without checking the correct balance we could not make a transaction. In short is there a way to put lock on reads as well same as write?

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