Bringing Down the Wall in Russia

It is obvious that the Western nations have an intense fear of Russia. This fear has been with them even before the Russian revolution. The Mongolian Hordes once swept through Western Europe and slaughtered millions before they were repulsed. The Second World War recreated history when the Russian army was ready to march until the English Channel. Only the threat of the atomic bomb stopped their advance. Mongolian blood still flows through the veins of the Russian People. The free nations of the world must make sure that Russia will never march again.

The best way to keep the Russians within their own borders is to westernize their economy and government. Free market systems will tranquilize the Russian mind and bring the Russian people down to Earth. This can be done by exerting pressure on Russia's leaders to open their borders to western financial institutions and corporations. All restrictions on imports and foreign business investments must be lifted in order for this plan to work. It will take less than five years of Western know-how to tame their wanderlust. Afterwards the Russian people will never militarize or march again.

All of Russian financial institutions and industries must be owned by foreign investors. The costs of business startup costs will be minimal to them. Available energy and land will make an investment in Russia a sure winner. Cheap labor is one of Russia's best assets. Russians are ingrained with a strong work ethic and enough intelligence to make them the ideal workforce. They ask little and work hard. No other industrialized nation but Russia has the advantage of having an unlimited amount of oil and minerals. Russia is self contained. Without any competition from energy starved nations they will become the largest exporter of products in the world.

There are economic interests in Russia at this moment that are hogging all the wealth and are holding back economic progress. Thousands of Russian billionaires give nothing back to a nation that is poverty stricken. They control a raggedy army with rotting food and little fighting ability. The rusting hydrogen bombs that no longer work are their only weapons. But their power is temporary, because the same voices of freedom and progress that brought down the Berlin wall will bring down the crumbling one in Russia.


Source by Melvin Polatnick

Don Ma

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