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Buelna News S1E1

Coronavirus and Latinos in America
As the United States has entered into traumatic times because of the Coronavirus, President Trump stated, “We need to open up the country again for business.” The question for Americans is, when that occurs “Will it be under new .management.” As in, the election is still happening in November, and even if we are all social distancing and/or quarantined, the dialogue will still continue.

That being said, without Latino voters going out to the polls in higher number, Joe Biden will not win and Trump will continue. A month ago, a Biden representative on cable news was asked his opinion on why Latinos voted for Bernie Sanders in higher numbers. His LAME response was “Joe is Catholic.” This show will move beyond this elementary statement and you will here from Latinos, especially in swing states that will define what a Latino agenda is.

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mark martinez
mark martinez
1 month ago

Thank you for the info, keep it going.

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