“BUILD THE WALL” Sheriff David Clarke REACTS to Kate Steinle verdict

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Birdland 1

and WHY the congress do nothing!? better it promote the anti-white system. Cause it is owned by Kikes who finance everyone! if you're not exposing the Jews and their agendas you're irrelevant Sheriff, ofc you would not be allowed to speak on Jew medias if you did but your nation will be lost like Europe if you're scared to be called antisemite. You still have freedom of speech white Americans USE IT for fuck sake, or Jewish control of finance/medias/movies/degeneracy and their corrupt politicians servants will ruin the USA too. Their multicultural agenda is already well advanced.

Ace King

If this would have been a black woman it would have been a riot


Disgusting shitttt!!! This mff ilegal bastard should be rottt in jail!!! Karma to those fokking retarded jurors n the judge!!! I seriously cried for Kate's family….

planar tube

Hey Kim Jong Un, San Francisco is at 37.78 degrees north latitude and 122.40 degrees east longitude. Do us all a favor and plug those coordinates into your Hwasong. Then we have at least a decent reason to turn your little fiefdom into a pyroclastic lump. Win-win.

Loose Unit

This is totally fucked up.
This sad looking asshole ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT turned a beautiful young woman into worm food and that's ok with the San Francisco Liberals?
What happened to justice.
This POS should be executed for what he did.
And hurry up and build the fucking wall for gods sake.

DeDarin Tran

LIBERALISM is not just a mental illness, it is the core cause of destroying the very fabric of America!!!
Don’t just accept that it is the other half of America, it is the enemy of America!!!

Unguided Reaper

Well David Clarke said it perfectly. The safety of Americans is NOT a political debate. It's their job and they're failing. President Trump should do what Obama did and go over their head pass a bill that bans illegals from coming here. Saftey of the American people comes first. Not some petty bullshit that libtards keep pushing to avoid figuring this out.

Enrique Cortez

Build the wall and find this illegal who killed the Girl and deliver justice to him! POTUS… send the illegal felon home in a pine box freight collect to Mexico!

Candice Gomez

Dumb illegals

Fascist Wolfe

Stick him in a prison and cost tax payers hundreds of thousands? I have a better solution. Bullets.
These people want to invade and rape our land and take advantage of our white middle class tax payers.
Kill the invaders with lead, they dont even deserve the bullet that kills them.
Subhuman scum.
Lets privatize border security and give ranchers a license to hunt down illegals that cross their land.

Marylee Macpherson

Absolutely build the wall.. let the illegal murder to rot in prison..

John Austin

shoot everyone that makes contact with the fence, goes around the fence, or crosses the river.
They will stay home when they see the consequences. Enforce the law.

Marco Rangel
This guy picked up a package under a bench and did not know it was a gun, it went off…bounced off of a post and struck a woman ( could have been an Hispanic, Asian, or black Female or Male ) meanwhile in Texas a white guy unaccidentally and willingly killed 26 people in a church and another white guy in Las Vegas unaccidentally and willingly killed 59 people and another white kid killed 9 blacks in a church……where is the justice in this? imagine if both of these shootings where done by a hispanic or a latino? forget it…..deport… Read more »

M A G A !


Sheriff Clarke: you are a beacon of hope for our country as a black man who has such a high level of exposure who also is a conservative. Please NEVER EVER STOP speaking out against the liberal left…no matter color of skin…to silence the insanity of these haters of this country.

Lonnie Christopher

..That's the most disgusting verdict I have EVER heard of……

Truth Hurts

Fk the wall. Put land mines all over the border and blow these Fkrs up as they try to cross. Its a lot cheaper and then let the Mexican Govt. come in to pick up the bodies or just let them rot and become food for vultures.

Dennis Sphatt

Is Mr. Schoen literally blind or what? What's wrong with him?

Notnow 212

Former Sheriff David Clarke …….the voice of reason. Thank God someone "gets" it.


AMEN!!! Sheriff!!!!!

Tyler ulfmann

Build the wall America for Americans Mexico for Mexicans we will not tolerate nor accept anything less than that

Carlos Kingston

The glory of the Trump administration is that despite obstructionism, RINOs and lack of major legislative accomplishments they still managed to jumpstart the economy and reduce illegals crossing the border by around 70%, high consumer confidence, GDP growth over 3% despite hurricanes etc etc.
Watched the whole 48 minute video yesterday on The White House channel about growth and trade in Africa. They're working hard and it's showing.