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Building a web-based IDE with Eclipse Theia

Eclipse Theia is a framework to build next-generation web IDEs, leveraging components such as language servers, debug adapters, and even VS Code Extensions now! Though all these moving parts may seem confusing, we should first take a look at how it all connects together, and how you can benefit from it when making your solution based on Theia.

Then, since the framework is made to be heavily extended, anything’s possible: You can add support for about any tool you might use and want to integrate in your IDE, as well as entirely remove parts that don’t fit your needs. From extensions using internal APIs to “VS Code Extensions” or Theia plugins, we’ll see the different ways to build/extend your IDE using the framework, as well as the different components involved in doing so: Theia extensions, dependency inversion containers, contribution points and internal services, overall distributed architecture, etc.

Demo repository:

Paul Maréchal (Ericsson AB)

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