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Bye…Bye…Donald Trump! CNN’s Jim Acosta Brilliantly ENDS Trump’s Failure Presidency

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john tripp
john tripp
1 year ago

Washingtoon brings you another powerful moment of mindless sycophania. (Sicko-phonies)

Goodtohave Inajam
Goodtohave Inajam
1 year ago

Donny Bone Spur is a liar of truly epic proportions. He drills on some wild bullshit tale and repeats it and repeats it like Chatty Kathy, every time a camera is pointed at his huge mouth, blowing out a flood of utter bullshit. Boy would he look great with duct tape around his fucking head.

Nina Fox
Nina Fox
1 year ago

I'm thinking the Trump administration is more like 'Alice in Wonderland'. Remember, Alice was the only sane one in the story. The Queen did everything she could to make Alice feel like she was mad. Every person who is against Trumpty Dumpty is sane. Don't believe the lie people. Your sane, just like Alice 🙂

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