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Carla Tofano talks to performance artists Antonio Branco & Riccardo T – Metralla Rosa Ep 11

– Subtitles are available in English, Spanish and Italian –

Antonio and Riccardo are a pair of artists who explore the human body, the political readings implicit in the erotic and the transgressive possibilities of pain and pleasure throughout their performances, during which reality and fiction are constantly intertwined and challenged.

Creative allies as well as lovers in life, the two have created a visual language that questions social convention, the paradigms of established norms, moral authority and the censoring mechanisms of power.

Their bodies are the ground on which Antonio and Riccardo create, and with them they express their challenge on conservative and stagnant views of art and beauty.

This conversation sees them express their views on their personal and professional experiences with a fascinating fluidity and intelligence. They reflect on the sometimes needless and inaccessible hermeticism of modern art, on monogamy, on gender stereotypes, on patriarchy, on the pros and cons of sharing a wardrobe and on the future of London as the capital of the European avant-garde.

Antonio and Riccardo are fabulous on their own, so imagine what they’re like when they get together for a high-voltage conversation. In fact, don’t imagine it: Carla brings them together in this edition of Metralla Rosa so we can all to be seduced by their irreverence.

And now, enjoy the interview!


Links to references made by Riccardo, Antonio and Carla during the interview can be found on our website, where you can also read this text in Spanish and Italian:

Antonio Branco & Riccardo T


Further Information:

Antonio Instagram:
Riccardo Instagram:

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Valentina Sarno
Valentina Sarno
2 months ago

This was quite the revelation. I am not generally interested in this kind of performative art in general. I would consider myself a bit like Antonio's mum: I am a bit prudish with the language, rather than with what one should and shouldn't do. And I probably would not willingly go to their show! And yet! I would have missed so much.
Antonio and Riccardo were absolutely delightful, the depth of their concepts and their philosophy mesmerising, and I have learnt so much.
A really lovely interview, and I would totally love to go for a drink with them <3

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