CBO: Senate’s Tax Invoice Would Harm Poor, Decrease-Revenue. #TaxPlan #GOP #

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10 Comments on "CBO: Senate’s Tax Invoice Would Harm Poor, Decrease-Revenue. #TaxPlan #GOP #"

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Willie Dynamite

The CBO is clueless…Trump has more brains in his pinky than all of them. Trump needs to replace whoever’s coming up with these numbers with someone like hisself. Just shutdown the CBO.

Michael Clements

Imachament all Republicans now

Jim McLoughlin

Short term gain, long term pain, but the rich will have squirreled their wealth away.

Martha Medina

I feel so helpless!! I don't want to give up but as an American I don't want this so I call my representative and tell him I don't want this. Congress an the representatives are not listening to us! They are doing whatever their donors want and what Trump wants so who they do they work for??? Americans or Trump?? Every thing coming out of this administration is hurting the working class and Americans but Congress sits idly by and ignored us an ignored their job to protect us Americans to keep power..I am so ashamed and angry.

John Simms

The last time the republicans were in the white house they bankrupted the country. I guess they want to do it again.


So this 'expert' fails to address what the CBO says, by talking about everything but – sad.

Cedric McCutchen

Where is the deficit hawks at. They complain about the debt when Obama was in office. I don't hear them now

Mike Schwarzer

A scam. A republican plans are a fucc over.

George Man

I have no clue what she had just said. She was just rambling on.

Michael Clements

Tax rich now